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Miniature Occasions and Dolls specializing in the custom made dolls, accessories, doll houses, and a full doll repair hospital and much more. We're located in the beautiful Newport, Rhode Island - which is a hub for Art and great taste, making it a good home for us for the last 15 years. At Miniature Occasions, we're able to take care of any and all needs concerning the precious and particular doll industry. Founder Charlene Rich has owned and operated this vintage Doll shop for over 20 years and carries with her timeless experience and remarkable hand crafting talent that has always left our customers assured that their needs are met with careful care and detail. Please take a moment to peruse the site, check out some images of our work, learn more about our top-tier services and of course give us a call to find out how we can help you today

Doll Hospital

Here at Miniature Occasions, we pride ourselves on our historic collection of classical, Victorian, 19th and 20th century Doll Art and accessories that is second to none in the industry. In addition to our fantastic inventory, we're able to custom design any doll or home to fit your own idea or real-life landmark. This provides a close experience with our customers that makes for an enhanced relationship and product. If time has taken its toll on your most cherished doll, we're here to help! Charlene's magic touch can fix virtually any cosmetic or functioning defect on you doll at our world renowned Doll Hospital.